A free data project?

Patrick Mazzotta
Co-Founder 05 Sep, 2023

We’ve got a new brand, a new website, and a renewed energy to bring the best that data can offer to clients far and wide. What better way to kick it all off than with a little quid-pro-quo?

Today we launch a promotion to give away a no-fee data project to one lucky organization. We’ll be making the selection based on the project briefs we get. The more interesting and impactful they are, the better your chances of being selected! The only thing we’ll ask in return is that the winning organization partners with us to craft a really compelling case study for us to showcase.

We feel pretty strongly that in a world driven by data, knowing how to leverage it is a necessity for all businesses, big and small across every industry. Ones & Heroes was built to simplify the complex, and give candid and relatable insights and results using advanced data solutions. We’ve launched this promotion for those ready to take a stride towards data fluency — a fee-free data project solving any problem you’ve got.

Participating is simple and straightforward. Just fill out the briefing form, and you’re in the race. Keep in mind: we’re not looking for projects that make us look smart – this is all about showing how we can be helpful to you and your business. Data projects that have the best chance of showcasing how data impacts your business are going to the top of the pile.

We envision a business landscape where decisions are not guesswork but are rooted in solid data. This promotion is a fun way to take that first step with a new team. Collaborative exploration and nerdy fun are what Ones & Heroes was built for!

So, are you ready to turn the data kaleidoscope and discover the patterns that can propel your business to the next tier? Your journey towards data fluency is a click away. Give it some thought, and then get those thoughts into a brief.

Once we close the promotion we’ll select a winner and scope the project and delivery. Once we’ve delivered the project and collected data on the impact of the project, we’ll whip up a great case study to share with the world.

Best of luck to all entrants!

Written by Patrick Mazzotta

Patrick is the co-founder and head of data sciences at Ones & Heroes. He also enjoys designing quant-based investment strategies and can be frequently found immersed in VR games.