E-commerce Marketing

Whether you’re building an online brand or you simply want to sell more products online, Ones & Heroes’ e-commerce experts will boost your brand recognition and drive more sales.
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Unlocking your e-commerce potential

If your e-commerce presence isn’t driving revenue, it’s time to experience working with data fluent marketing strategists.

As your straight-talking partner, we’ll give your e-commerce business a tune-up:

Data fluency means we can pull data from all your e-commerce channels to build a clear view of what works and what doesn’t, getting you from data chaos to data clarity.

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Complex data.
Uncomplicated help.

Anything is possible when your e-commerce is driven by data.
Here’s how we’ll get your online presence delivering revenue.


We’ll take your products through our e-commerce starter playbook and work out a strategy to hit your goals - wherever you’re starting from.

your customer’s journey

We’ll review the buyer’s lifecycle and help to optimize that experience. We’ll clear blockers, reduce friction, and make it as easy as possible for your customers to complete their purchases with you.

e-Commerce sales
and marketing reporting

We’ll work with you to measure your e-commerce channels, and set up automated reporting. We’ll take care of configuring attribution tracking for all marketplaces (e.g. Amazon, Shopify) and ensure you’ve got tracking across all your marketing channels (Facebook, Google, Twitter).


Smarter marketing

Don’t learn e-commerce marketing the hard way. Skip the guesswork and let us show you how data-driven marketing delivers e-commerce sales for your business.

As a strategic e-commerce partner, we:

We’re data fluent and marketing smart. For an e-commerce strategy that drives revenue and boosts your brand, reach out to us.