Governance Case Study

The Problem

Our client was a large multi-region health network with locations across the west coast of the United States. Each hospital was responsible for their own marketing efforts and reporting and there was no centralized system for tracking and monitoring marketing spend or effectiveness. Approval systems varied, messaging was inconsistent and oversight was nearly impossible.

The Insight

We realized that our client was missing a trick: their tech stack and approval processes were working against them, not for them.

By having a fragmented MarTech system everything was taking 10x longer than necessary and things were getting lost in the shuffle. We saw that by simplifying their MarTech stack, compliance with their governance came “for free” and the process becomes lightning fast.

The Solution

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We compressed the technical solutions our client was using into a single platform to run all their marketing design, planning, creative approvals, and payments.

Using Sprinklr we created a governance training program (short presentation and reference document) that was shared throughout the company. This became the training manual for employees as well as all their third party vendors and partners (ourselves included).

By migrating everyone to a single-system process, we controlled workflows through the tool, which took the effort out of compliance and made users’ lives easier and their work faster.

The Results

Massive buy-in from across the network was easy to obtain, and Sprinklr’s ease of use resulted in efficiency gains at an employee level (100% process compliance within two months) and measurable successful steps towards brand cohesion (creative approval times cut by half). This later enabled our client to make their rebranding efforts simpler, easier, and faster.

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