Automated Anomaly Detection & Alerts

Getting data is a great start, but you’ll want to monitor it and watch for data anomalies. We’ll help you implement simple AI-powered solutions to monitor your data automagically.
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Eagle-eyed monitoring of your data

In a world where data integrity can make or break business decisions, we figured offering **Automated Anomaly Detection & Alerts** just makes sense. By automating your data monitoring and anomaly detection, you’re essentially getting a dedicated data QA specialist who never sleeps and doesn’t miss updates. What better way to help you fall in love with your data than offering a service that wraps your data up in a comfy blanket of trust and safety?

Yeah, we couldn’t think of one either.

Why automate data monitoring & anomaly detection?

It’s not a trick question. Bottom line: if you’re the kind of person who hates having reports and scheduled data jobs break at the last minute or being told that your reports have errors *after* you’ve built them, then this is definitely going to help you like your data a whole lot more.

How we help

Real-time Anomoly Detecetion

Configure intelligent monitoring systems that scan new and existing data at whatever speed you need, and take action when things don't look right.

Customized Alert Triggers

Fully customizable alerts that can be raised based on any set of business rules or validation criteria, with have different types of alert and warning rules.


Easy-to-use interfaces with simple dashboards and configurable alerts via email, chat, or SMS.

AI & Advanced Decision-Making

Utilize cutting-edge AI to make smarter decisions, identifying and acting on data anomalies that sneak past simple "if/then" logic.

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Handle errors before they happen

If you want to stop worrying about data accuracy and the reliability of your reports, let us know. We’re happy to have a chat and talk you through your data monitoring, anomaly detection, and alerting options.