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Good news
and bad news

You’ve got lots of factors that go into running a successful business. There’s revenue, logistics, infrastructure, people, and any number of competitor considerations. You’re also running your business, so how do you get the time to stay informed on everything you need to make decisions, while having time to assess and execute those decisions?

The good news is that dashboards and reporting have been around a long time and are fairly common across all sectors. A lot of the tech (Tableau, PowerBI, Domo, etc.) has matured and makes it easy to build helpful interfaces.

The bad news is that easy reports and dashboard creation has led to an emphasis on what can be done instead of what should be done. This commoditization of data visualization has slowly turned into automated charts with all your data.

Systemizing Social Dashboard

good news

We’re a team that considers building reports and dashboards a craft. We want to understand your business and help figure out not only what data drives your business, but how you want to see it. Whether you’re a sophisticated organization that needs a team who can keep up with your demands or just starting out and need someone with experience to help you avoid costly mistakes. Either way, we’ll help you get the data you need in a way that maximizes your performance using it.

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Love your data.

We’re certainly not the only game in town, and our no bull**** approach may not be for everyone; but if you’re looking for a team who speak ‘data’ fluently and understand how to make your reports and dashboards a joy to work with, we might just be the team for you.