Data Governance & Compliance

Governance that doesn’t put you to sleep.

Let’s be honest: governance isn’t the most exciting subject. We get it – process, rules, systems within systems… it can make for great bedtime reading!

But it doesn’t have to.

Governance can also mean automated systems, business rules employees don’t have to think about, and systems that give time back and reduce bureaucracy.

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There's a better way to govern data

At Ones & Heroes we think that data governance and system operations should be fun, light-hearted, and performant. You can be compliant with GDPR and CCPA without 30 hours of mandatory training meetings. You can have clean data without manually triple-checking every data entry.

Smart operational

You’ll find we like to focus on creating automated solutions that create easy-to-comply interfaces for people working with data compliance issues. Smart operational systems can make all the difference. Some things we’ve helped clients with:

Data validation at point of entry no one has to double-back on checking what’s been created

Access rules baked into data warehouses ensure the people can get access to everything they need without worrying about stuff they don’t want to see (like personally identifiable information / PII)

Back-end logic that links sources of data together people never have to enter data more than once into the system and eliminate conflicting data points across systems

Building performance-oriented solutions your data governance and operational rules don’t stand between the business and real-time reporting

We support all industries

We’ve worked with clients in in healthcare (HIPAA), law (multi-party confidentiality), identity management (GDPR and CCPA), and even government and public sector (public data and requests for information) so we’re familiar with the needs and concerns involved with data management for sensitive content.

The point of it all

The benefits of great governance models can get lost or forgotten through the muck of rules, regulations, and policies – but great governance delivers great experiences for you and your teams. We can make your data governance solutions deliver tangible benefits for your organization such as:
Whatever industry you’re in, we’ve got experience designing governance models and implementations that can help. Reach out and we’ll be happy to have a plain and straight-forward conversation about what you need.
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