Unleashing eCommerce Potential

Launching an offline brand on Amazon

The challenge

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 95% of bodyFood Dental’s revenue came from pop-up shops in physical retail stores. With the sudden shift in consumer behavior towards online shopping, they faced the challenge of rapidly transitioning to the world of eCommerce, specifically on Amazon. With existing revenue halted overnight, speed to market was paramount.

The solution

We guided them through our eCommerce starter playbook, a comprehensive strategy designed to make a swift and successful entry into the world of online retail. We began by securing their branded Amazon store URL, kicking off a series of tactical executions to build momentum and position the brand at the top of product search results. This was followed by the launch of a strategic paid campaign to jumpstart sales on Amazon.ca, establishing their presence and credibility on the platform.

The results

  • 93% lift in CTR
  • 47% drop in CPM
  • +339% engagement rate
  • 67% drop in CPC
Our strategic playbook for launching the brand on Amazon transformed bodyFood Dental’s eCommerce landscape, resulting in a triumph that far exceeded expectations. With a 93% increase in click-through rate, a 47% reduction in cost per thousand impressions, and a staggering 339% engagement rate, the brand’s online presence skyrocketed. Even more impressively, the cost per click plummeted by 67%, optimizing their advertising spend. The journey from securing their branded Amazon store URL to establishing a formidable online presence was completed in under two months, setting a new benchmark in rapid digital transition. This momentum propelled their Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) to an impressive $3.49 in just four months. The success was so profound that the client doubled their marketing budget within the first year, expanding beyond Amazon to include paid search on Google, and closed the year with a robust average monthly ROAS of $2.13. This case study stands as a testament to the power of agility, strategic planning, and digital prowess in unlocking new realms of business potential.

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